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Security Tips:

Tips for Protecting Your Home and Business Call Concept Security at (831) 384-2539

Tips for Protecting Your Home and Business Protect Your Home Year Round. Good quality deadbolts should be on all entrance doors with strike plates reinforced with at least 2.5" screws. An alarm system will reduce the chance of a break-in over 70% over a home or business or home without an alarm system. Entrance doors should be solid and fit tightly in the frame with no more than 1/8" clearance between the door and frame. A metal lining on the inside of an exterior door can prevent drilling, sawing, or kicking through.All entrance doors should have good locks , including screen and storm doors, garage doors, cellar doors, patio and deck doors and second floor entrance doors.


NEVER OPEN A DOOR TO A STRANGER.Install 1 or 2 peepholes on entrance doors and teach children to use them correctly.

Check sliding doors and windows to see if they can be lifted out of the track or if the lock can be easily pried. Lock your doors when working in the attic, yard or otherwise busy elsewhere in your home.Keep your house well lit. Use exterior motion sensor night-lights and interior lights on auto timers to create the illusion of your home always being occupied. Porches and other possible entrances should be lit with at least 40-watt bulbs. All windows, especially ground level, should have good locks that are always used. Strong key turn locks are best. Window air conditioners should be bolted to the wall to prevent them from being removed.   Secure roof openings and exhaust systems. Always keep your garage locked and make sure tools and ladders are not accessible.

Know your neighbors phone numbers and keep each other informed of travel plans. Keep police and emergency phone numbers posted near your phone.

Inform family members of your security precautions and make sure they practice good security habits.

Install and use a Concept Security alarm system.

Concept Security Access Video and Electronic Solutions has excellent ways to protect yourhome, family and business.

If you have a question, feel free to contact Concept Security via email, or phone (831) 384-2539.