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   Your Family, Home and Business assets are important - make sure you're secured with a Concept Security System.

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what we can do for you

We consult with you, listen to what you want, & help you understand where custom video, access control, or a security system design can best be deployed to meet your real needs.

Then we can design, estimate, and manage your electronic security project. Our projects in Burglar Alarm, Home Automation, Lighting Control, Heating Control, Access Control, WHAM Systems, Security Systems, J-SIIDs Security, ICIDS, Closed Circuit Television, CCTV, Camera and Alarm Systems with or without Internet Access, Covert Cameras, Digital Video Recorders DVRs, Magnetic video storage, CCTV Systems, Electronic Countermeasures ( debugging and sweeps ),White Noise, and Room Noise Masking systems.

Stephen Hinton has had experience and has been deployed in small to large 35,000 sq. ft. homes, mini self storage units 200 to over 1350 units, small to large (33 story high rise) buildings, DOD, Law Enforcement, Commercial and golf communities, Schools & Churches.

When you have us on your side, we are your agent in a field that can sometimes over whelm the untrained.

You can benefit from Stephen Hinton and his associates to work on your behalf. With Stephen Hinton's 30 plus years of active electronic security experience, when you put Concept Security to work, he and his associates work for you.

We also can evaluate your current system and have done this for many clients, and quite a few alarm installation companies. Our unbiased methods are able to prove a good or bad installation.

For over 30 years Concept Security has been in operation. We grew from an idea, to a company that is known for meeting the needs of our clients, and making complex systems reliable and also very user friendly. You might ask how?... Simply stated, "By growing in this industry". Learning what is the current safe and proven equipment verses the bleeding edge and vapor ware that is available, coupled with the understanding of what the equipment can safely do, allows us to insure proper planning and management to provide you with the best electronic security systems that will work for you.

We travel for our clients throughout the United States. We have managed systems in New Jersey, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, and California. We have provided consulting services and systems for private Homes, Executives, Mansions, Apartments, Businesses, Art Galleries, Museums, Local Law Enforcement, Local, State & Federal Government Sites, DOD, Private Communities, Contractors Sites, and Security Manufacturing Companies. We can help you too.

When you want a security system designed with your security needs and life style in mind, contact us. Do it today. You will feel better tomorrow. We are located near Monterey, California.

We are only a phone call away. Phone (831) 384-2539
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